Litigation in Iranian courts and defending lawsuits is one of the most important services of this firm. Davar Mizan with a brilliant history in this field and relying on experienced lawyers will strive to protect and defend the rights of clients.

Also advising in different related areas and helping to find the best solution and establishing a platform for our clients to observe the process of their suits are our complementary services.

Lupicinio International Law Firm has specialized for several years in the conflicts that arise from the impositio of international sanctions by international powers and organizations such as the UN, the EU, or the USA, upon countries whose actions are considered contrary to international law in the context of global politics.

Lupicinio International Law Firm with its representative in Iran as a sanctioned country will guide clients to take possible actions such as:

  • Application for Annulment filed before the General Court of the European Union, the Court of First Instance at the European Court of Justice.
  • Application for Interim Measures, temporary suspension of the sanctions.
  • Submission of Reconsideration Claim to the Council of the European Union.
  • Lobbying before the Council of the European Union, European Parliament and other national and supranational institutions.

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