Foreign investment

There are several codes about foreign investment which contain Iran’s Foreign Investment and Promotion Act (FIPPA) and its regulations and also different codes about setting up and managing economic activities in Iran. But it is undeniable that if you search for precise information to invest in Iran and other related information, you will need to know the regulations concerning on registration corporations and managing them, abroad branches and representations, import and export acts, tax, intellectual property protection and other relative codes and acts.

Our team of professionals with extend expertise in different legal aspects of foreign investment and company registration will guide you to develop your business and make your own investment in Iran.

These are some benefits and advantages of foreign investment regulations:

+Guarantee of compensation in case of nationalization and expropriation ( according to Art. 9 of FIPPA)

+Guarantee of compensation for losses caused by the prohibition or suspension of the implementation of financial agreements in foreign investments in the form of contractual arrangements due to the law or government decisions. ( Art. 17)

+ Guarantee of purchasing goods and services of the foreign investment plan in cases where the government is a exclusive buyer or a supplier of goods and services produced at a subsidized price. ( Art. 11 of regulation)

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